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In order to safeguard the legal rights and interests of both the journal and authors, as well as to clarify the copyright ownership and property of the journal and authors, the following statement regarding manuscript copyright is hereby presented:

The authors affirm that they have not submitted the paper for publication elsewhere and that the submitted article has not been previously published. For any manuscript submitted to the journal, the authors are required to state that their submitted paper is their own original work, devoid of any rights infringement or disclosure of confidential information. Additionally, they must ensure that no disputes concerning intellectual property will arise with regards to the author name ranking and that the article does not include any material derived from copyrighted sources without proper identification through quotation marks and/or appropriate citation.

Following publication in the journal, authors retain the copyright of their articles. However, authors do transfer the copyright to the journal to enable publication of the article, its indexing, and storage on the journal website for public access.

All published works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means that authors reserve all proprietary rights, including patent rights and the right to copy and distribute the material of their published works in any medium or format. Furthermore, authors have the right to utilize all or part of the article in their future works (such as lectures, press releases, and textbook reviews), remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, including commercial endeavors.

In the event of republication of the entire article or any part thereof in periodicals or reprint publications by a third party, written permission must be obtained from the managing editor of the journal. However, all articles with copyright ownership belonging to the journal may be accessed and downloaded for free in perpetuity for individual study purposes.

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